London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral opens online book of remembrance for victims of Covid-19

London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral has opened an online book of remembrance for victims of the coronavirus outbreak, which it says will one day become a physical memorial in the building.

Prince Charles recorded a video message to support the “Remember Me” project, saying the pandemic had resulted in sudden change in British society.“For too many among us, this has brought tragedy and heartbreak,” he said. “For some, relatives have not been able to be present at the time of their loved one’s passing. For many, the loss of their loved one has been made all the more agonizingly painful by the necessary restrictions on funerals.

“This virtual book of remembrance is here to help us remember; not just to recall our loss and sorrow, but also to be thankful for everything good that those we have loved brought into our lives, and all that they have given to others.”

The project would be an opportunity to mourn those who have died and recognize the impact of the pandemic, said David Ison, the cathedral’s dean.

“For centuries, St. Paul’s Cathedral has been a place to remember the personal and national impact of great tragedies, from the losses of war to the devastation of the Grenfell Tower fire,” he said.“We have heard so many sad stories of those affected by the pandemic, and all our thoughts and prayers are with them. Every person is valued and worthy of remembrance.”

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