British Government’s Plan to reopen schools on June 1 deemed “not safe” on current evidence, scientist group warns

A group of leading British scientists has warned it is not safe to reopen schools in England on June 1, according to a draft report published Thursday.

The UK government had announced schools in England may partially re-open from June 1 if certain conditions are met.

The “Independent SAGE” group of researchers, which is an unofficial group chaired by former government chief scientific adviser David King, said re-opening schools should depend on “evidence of low levels of Covid-19 infections in the community” and “the ability to respond to new infections through a local test, track and isolate strategy.”

“There is no evidence that these conditions are met. Until they are it is not safe to open schools on June 1,” the report continued.

Delaying school reopenings by two weeks would halve the risk to children of getting sick, the group estimates, with further delays reducing the risk even more, the report said.

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