Trump ‘won’t pardon himself or family’

President Trump is not expected to issue pardons for himself or his family, according to Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts.

White House aides and lawyers have reportedly urged the president not to try to pardon himself or to issue preemptive pardons for members of his family, fearing that it might lead to more Republican Senators to vote to convict Mr Trump in the upcoming Senate impeachment trial.

No president has tried to pardon themselves while in office.

Mr Trump has already issued a pardon for one member of his extended family, Charles Kushner, the father of Jared Kushner, but reporting suggests that he will not issue preemptive pardons for himself or his kids, despite the danger that some of them, including Mr Trump himself, may be in legal jeopardy after he leaves office.

The Independent reported earlier that Mr Trump is planning to dole out up to 100 pardons and commutations of sentences, which could include some white-collar criminals, in the hours he has remaining in the White House before president-elect Joe Biden assumes office.

New York prosecutors are grinding away at an investigation into Mr Trump’s business dealings that could shadow him long after he leaves office.

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