Barrett’s confirmation: A process to steal more seats

The senate confirmed Amy Coney Barret as the Supreme Court judge on Monday which made Trump very happy. Donald Trump considers this confirmation as a big victory for his presidency. But in reality it can not help him to save his position. A position which is now so unstable due to his mishandling of coronavirus that has killed more than 225,000.

This confirmation made by Republicans will drag the Supreme Court into a conflict which has already damaged its non-partisan image.

White House enthusiasm over the confirmation will only worsen the fury of Democrats who see the process as a maneuver for Republicans to steal the Supreme Court seats.

What has Donald Trump done a bout the COVID-19 crisis? Nothing, he just misleads the country which drags Americans to death. He was going from one state to another while he was not fully cured from the virus , And now he is holding crowded rallies in which his supporters are present with no mask and ignore social distancing.

Trump’s campaign crowded rallies can spread the virus around the states. Five staff in Pence’s office have tested positive for the virus. Moreover, experts believe Donald Trump prefers his own personal political advantage over the public health.

Mike pence refuses to quarantine himself and Trump’s speeches in campaign rallies in different states in recent days put the public health situation in danger.

The 2020 election result shows whether Covid-19 cases continue to increase rapidly across the country or we will choose a different path to fight the virus and run the country.

Barret in his first weeks on the court will consider cases such as obamacare , abortion and Trump’s taxes. Her decision on these cases will answer the questions about her capability to consider independence cases.

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