Trump at Pennsylvania rally: if Biden wins, China wins

The Pennsylvania rally was held on Tuesday by Donald Trump campaign. The president has returned to his rallies with renewed attacks to his rival, Joe Biden.
With three weeks until the November 3 election and badly down in the polls, Trump fired every lurid exaggeration about the Democrats and insult about Biden’s mental state that he has in his arsenal.
In his Pennsylvania rally, Trump said Biden was “choking like a dog” during their recent televised debate, called him mentally “shot”, and claimed the Democratic front-runner was the pawn of communists.
“He is handing control to the socialists and Marxists and left-wing extremists,” Trump told the large, raucous crowd in Pennsylvania rally. “He can’t stand up to the lunatics running his party.”
Thousands of people lined up outside the John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport hours before the president’s arrival. Almost all wore masks on the way into the event, but many took them off once reaching their seats, which were arranged without social distancing.
“This election is a simple choice,” Trump told the crowd. “If Biden wins, China wins. All these other countries win. We get ripped off by everybody. If we win, you win, Pennsylvania wins, and America wins. Very simple.”
Trump was also in Florida on Monday night for his first rally since recovering from his bout with Covid-19. Soon after the Pennsylvania rally, he will be heading out to Iowa and North Carolina, then back to Florida and Georgia.
Arguably even more important on election day than Pennsylvania, Florida is a battleground state that Trump won in 2016 but where polls currently show Biden ahead.
The coronavirus, which has claimed more than 215,000 lives in America, was largely an afterthought, even if Trump himself was hospitalized for three nights after testing positive at the start of October.
“We’re going to crush the virus very quickly. It’s happening already,” Trump said,

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