New poll: Support for Scottish independence hits historic high of 58%

 According to a new poll 58% of Scots say if the SNP wins a majority of seats in Holyrood 2021 election, The UK government should not oppose another Scottish independence referendum to be held within the next five years.
Only a third of people disagree with this.
The findings come from research carried out by Ipsos MORI’s Scottish Political Monitor, run in partnership with STV News and mark the highest level of public support for constitutional change ever recorded.
More than 1000 Scots of voting age were interviewed by phone earlier this month.
The research further reveals the SNP who is in favor of holding another Scottish independence has a “very strong lead” in voting intention for both the list and constituency contests at 47% and 58% respectively.
The Tories are in second place with 19% in each category, and Richard Leonard’s Scottish Labour are currently polling at 13% in each.
The Lib Dems managed 8% in both categories and 9% of people said they’d give their regional vote to the Greens.
As for the arguments about the future constitutional settlement, the two “most convincing” for change relate to Scotland and England wanting different political futures and a lack of trust in Westminster to act in Scotland’s interests.
On the other hand, those most persuasive on the No side are linked to emotional appeal about commonality and the perceived risk of independence to jobs and the economy.
Another survey out today from Progress Scotland shows three quarters of people would vote Yes if they are convinced change will boost the country’s fortunes.
Emily Gray, managing director of Ipsos MORI Scotland, said: “Our latest poll will put a spring in the step of nationalists but makes grim reading for Unionists.
“The Scottish public have shifted even further towards supporting an independent Scotland, with record numbers now saying they would vote Yes.”

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