Louise Kerton’s father pleads with police to investigate possible link to Madeleine McCann suspect

The father of of a trainee nurse who went missing in Germany nearly 20 years ago fears Madeleine McCann murder suspect Christian Brueckner may have abducted his daughter.

Louise Kerton, 24, vanished in 2001 while visiting her boyfriend’s family near Bonn in western Germany.

Her 75-year-old father Phil Kerton, from New Ash Green, Kent, told: ‘Christian seems to have gone after all ages, despite preferring the very young.

‘I would urge police to make sure his whereabouts and his activities at the time of Louise’s disappearance are properly investigated.’

Court papers reveal Brueckner, who was named last week as the lead suspect in the disappearance and possible murder of Madeleine McCann, was released from prison just seven months before Louise vanished, according to The Sun.

Before she went missing, Louise lived in Broadstairs, Kent, with her fiance Peter Simon.

Louise had been studying to be a nurse when she went to stay with her fiance and his mother Ramana in Strassfeld, near Bonn.

The 24-year-old was supposed to board a train at Aachen Station on July 30 and then go via the Belgian port of Ostend to return home.

But Louise never made it home, with some assuming she had an accident, and others suggesting she could have fallen victim to French serial killer Michel Fourniret, nicknamed the Ogre of Ardennes.

He was jailed for life for raping and murdering nine girls between 1987 and 2001 and is suspected of killing more.

With no details ever coming to light, Mr Kerton fears Christian Brueckner could be linked to his daughter’s disapperance. He said: ‘I have read that the German police are taking an interest in finding out where Christian B was in relation to unsolved cases, so I hope Louise’s gets drawn in.’

Mr Kerton’s wife and Louise’s mum, Kath, died of cancer in 2010, with no information as to how her daughter disappeared.


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