Britons who have died after contracting Coronavirus

As the number of people in the UK who have died after contracting coronavirus rises, we look at how the virus is spreading and the stories of some of those who have lost their lives.
So far, 465 people have died in the UK after contracting COVID-19, with 9,529 confirmed cases across the country.
Most of those who have died in the UK have been over the age of 70, but the youngest death has been that of an 18-year-old.
The majority of people who have died had underlying health problems, but people of all ages have been infected.
Among the youngest to test positive for the coronavirus was a baby at the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston in Norfolk.
Currently around 5% of people confirmed to have COVID-19 in the UK have died from the disease.
However, many more people are suspected to have had the disease but have not been tested, meaning the true death rate is likely significantly lower.
Nine out of 10 of the UK’s deaths have taken place in England, with London containing a third of all of the UK’s fatal cases of the disease.
This is likely because the city is densely populated so the disease has spread much quicker through the capital than it has in other areas of the country.
Meanwhile, Public Health England has said millions of new coronavirus testing kits could be ready for use within days rather than weeks or months.
The tests would show whether an individual had antibodies for COVID-19 which, if they did, would mean they could return to work if they were not showing symptoms.However, England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty was much more cautious about the tests and has not committed to a timeline for when they would become available.

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