Wyze Band tracks your fitness and controls your smart home

Wearables continue to get smaller, cheaper, and more capable, and the latest to enter the fray is the Wyze Band. For a mere US$25 you get just about everything you could want from a compact fitness tracker.

Wyze is currently known for its affordable smart home gear, including cameras, bulbs and plugs. The Wyze Band is able to control them all with a tap, so you can turn off the bedroom lights or bring up the live video from your security camera on your phone, all with a tap on your wrist.

Alexa is built in here as well, enabling you to control a variety of smart home devices – including Wyze hardware but also anything else that supports Alexa – with a voice command. There’s no speaker in the wearable though, so you won’t be able to ask questions and get a response back.

The Wyze Band can handle the basics of step counting, sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring, and shows basic smartphone notifications too, so you can see who’s calling or who just sent you a text message. You don’t get GPS on board, however, and there’s no NFC for making mobile payments.

According to Wyze, the wearable lasts an impressive 10 days between charges, and it’s waterproof – able to survive a shower or a drop in the bath. It sports a 0.95-inch, 120 x 240 pixel AMOLED color screen (with a choice of customizable home screen designs), and comes with a choice of two straps as well.

With the likes of Xiaomi, Huawei, Amazfit and Garmin also pushing out cheap fitness trackers and wearables, Wyze will be hoping that seamless smart home integration will help tempt people into buying the Wyze Band – particularly in terms of integration with the existing Wyze product range.

Wyze has also announced the Wyze Scale, a digital weight scale that syncs with your phone (and can work with Apple Health and Google Fit too). You can see your metrics over time, and analyze data for weight, body fat percentage, heart rate, muscle mass and more through the smart scales. Up to eight profiles can be set up on the device.

At $20, the Wyze Scale is even more affordable than the Wyze Band, so those looking for some inexpensive additions to their smart home and wearable gadget collection won’t have to spend much at all. Both products are on sale now direct from Wyze, and will appear on Amazon in April.


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