Oceanco’s 357-ft superyacht changes the game for eco-conscious design

Renowned international superyacht builder Oceanco, in collaboration with naval architects Lateral, has adopted a sustainable design approach for its 109-m (357-ft) Bravo Eugenia superyacht. The vessel rethinks traditional superyacht design, boasting energy-saving technologies, eco-conscious principles and an optimized hybrid propulsion system.

Traditionally the length is the first decision made when designing a superyacht, which is followed by a strong focus on maximizing living spaces and top speeds. Extra volume often results in the need for more power and fuel to achieve desired speeds, at an obvious cost to the environment and owner’s hip pocket.

“This [traditional] process tends to kick-start a ‘space race’ between designers and engineers,” says Oceanco’s CEO Marcel Onkenhout. “The engineer is focused on enabling design creativity and is therefore left with a very limited envelope to work within. The designer will push up space demands, which drives greater volume, which shifts up the weight, which leads to increased power needs, and so on and so forth.”Stepping away from this approach, Oceanco and Lateral concentrated on the yacht’s waterline length in order to reduce the overall propulsion power needs and size of the engine. The result is a beautiful and slim superyacht, which boasts an enhanced hybrid propulsion system; minimal allocation of technical space; 30 percent less fuel needs; and ample luxury guest living space.

“For Bravo Eugenia we created a virtuous circle model: length and speed driving less power, less space and less weight – on repeat,” says Lateral’s Managing Director, James Roy.

“Even better for her owners, the superyacht’s efficiency from ecological advancements not only delivers technical and economic benefits, but multiple lifestyle advantages, too – through the gaining of flexible lifestyle space for luxury accommodation and leisure areas,” adds Oceanco.The Bravo Eugenia’s engine room occupies a single tier, as opposed to taking up two-levels on comparable superyachts, liberating an additional 100 square meters which has been dedicated to the vessel’s living and sleeping quarters. Furthermore, the superyacht is capable of reaching speeds up to 19 knots, while offering a more relaxing experience for passengers, due to reduced noise and vibration from the smaller propulsion-related equipment.

“The optimized Bravo Eugenia requires 30 per cent less fuel compared to a conventional motoryacht of the same size, which is significantly better for the environment as well as a huge saving on operational costs to the owner,” says Oceanco. “She also boasts a waste heat recovery system and an integrated battery system to allow for optimal operation at all times.”

The Bravo Eugenia can accommodate 14 guests and 30 crew members and features six guest suites, a beach lounge, spa and gym.


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