Shower cuts water consumption without compromises

There’s no more precious resource than water. A desire to preserve it has led Sweden-based company Altered to develop a new type of shower technology that can reduce the amount of water used by 75 percent without compromising on your usual shower experience.

In developing its new system, the Altered team strove to define what makes a good shower and came up with three essential elements: coverage, warmth and pressure, and the Dome technology used in the Altered: Shower delivers on all three.

Some water-saving shower heads reduce the size of the nozzles, resulting in a shower that can feel like your body is being blasted with streams of needles. The Altered: Shower takes a different approach, with the Dome nozzle expelling water in a rotating dome shape. This tears the water into thousands of large droplets that spread out in a random pattern to provide full coverage.

Unlike water-saving showers that reduce the flow and speed of the water, the Dome technology actually increases the speed of the water to provide the pressure sensation of a conventional shower and make rinsing easy, all while cutting water consumption. Additionally, the dome holds the water together longer, resulting in heat being transferred more efficiently out to the droplets and less energy use.

And for those looking to spoil themselves or wash away the dirt and grime of a particularly hard day there’s Monsoon mode. This increases the amount of water entering the dome to create an experience similar to a monsoon rain, but still uses 50 percent less water than a conventional shower.

Whether you’ve got a shower handle or a shower head, the Altered: Shower is easy to install, and the polished aluminum casing and stainless steel nozzle means it’s built to last and will fit with just about any bathroom décor.


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