End sanctions against Iran on vital medical products for Epidermolysis Bullosa

Iranian ambassador mourned the death of Ava, a two-year-old girl in Tehran, whose doctors had been unable to procure bandages for skin blisters caused by a rare genetic disease. Takht-Ravanchi blamed U.S. sanctions — specifically, their impact on supplies of essential medicines.
President Donald Trump’s administration has been shamefully tardy in exempting Medicines from the U.S. sanctions on Iran. European banks, fearing secondary US penalties, are reluctant to do business with Iranian companies even those not blacklisted by the US.
Americans are leading the world on democracy and human rights but the question is that “will sanctions on medicine toward Iran strengthen our reputation on this issues?” The answer is No. There is no reason to prevent U.S. and European companies to trade with Iran on Medicine. Weather like it or not US government is responsible for Ava’s death. We should not allow trump administration to destroy US reputation in the world. The Congress should make trump’s administration accountable on this issues.


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