Nicky Morgan will remain in Boris Johnson’s cabinet as culture secretary

Nicky Morgan will stay on as Britain’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Minister, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office announced on Monday.
Morgan, who had been in the role since Johnson took office in July, stood down as a member of parliament ahead of last week’s election citing the impact on her family and saying she planned to “be at home far more.”

 Johnson’s office said Morgan, who also previously served as education minister, would join parliament’s unelected upper house, the House of Lords. Media reported Morgan would stay in post until a bigger post-Brexit reshuffle of ministers in February.Her department’s remit includes the BBC. The government has said it will review whether to decriminalise the penalty for non-payment of the annual licence fee on television-watching households, which largely funds the broadcaster.
She could also be involved in the decision over whether to allow Huawei a role in building 5G telecoms networks. In August, before the Dec. 12 election was called, Morgan said Britain hoped to make a decision on Huawei by the end of the year.

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