Garden maintenance bot prunes and trims so you don’t have to

Mowing the lawn can be time consuming and, let’s face it, pretty boring, which is why robo-mowers were developed. And now there’s the Trimbot, which could just be the next leap forward in automated garden maintenance.

The Trimbot 2020 project was launched at the beginning of 2016, with a planned 48 month duration. The aim of the European Commission-funded program – led by the University of Edinburgh, and involving partners Bosch, the University of Amsterdam, University of Freiburg, University of Groningen, ETH Zurich and Wageningen University and Research – was to create a prototype next-gen garden maintenance bot that could be used to support farmers, help folks with limited mobility or maintain community gardens.

The original project brief called for a modified Indego lawnmower to have a robotic arm mounted atop to take care of trimming and pruning tasks.

The current battery-powered Trimbot prototype makes use of five camera pairs and 3D mapping tech to move around a garden while avoiding obstacles, and then tackles maintenance tasks using a custom trimming tool. Algorithms were developed to enable the robot to determine when a bush or hedge needed a trim. It’s also capable of precision pruning of roses using a different cutting tool.The research team says that aspects of the project could go on to inform future garden products manufactured by Bosch. The video below has more.


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