UK’s Hammond says government to work to build support for PM May’s Brexit deal: BBC radio

British finance minister Philip Hammond said on Thursday the government would continue to seek to build lawmaker support for its twice defeated Brexit deal with a view to holding another parliamentary vote on it.
On Wednesday, Britain’s lawmakers rejected leaving the EU without a deal, further weakening Prime Minister Theresa May and paving the way for a vote that could delay Brexit until at least the end of June.
“We will continue to try to build a consensus behind the deal but we also have to look at other ways in which the House of Commons can express a view about the way forward,” Hammond told BBC radio.
“Discussions are ongoing with many colleagues who voted against the Prime Minister’s deal in the hope of persuading them that even though it’s not their perfect outcome, it’s a lot better from their point of view than many of the alternatives that may come to pass if we don’t agree the deal,” he said.


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